To make your wedding day even more special and impress the guests you will need an astonishing backdrop and add a personalized style to your wedding. We have numerous types of styles you can choose from, weather you want a flower, rose or fabric ribbon wall...


As Centerpieces are the first thing your guest will be noticing when waling into your wedding, we help make a style statement with your gorgeous and unique centerpieces. You can choose from our collection whether you want to Mix it up, choose bold colors, or choosing a classic twist...

event decorations

We will provide you colorful bridal blooms from all around the country to bring you the best and boldest wedding flowers for your bouquet and your bridesmaids flowers. By helping you choose the best type of color that goes well with the theme of your wedding.

other decorations

Even though we specialize in decorating weddings, we are also involved in other types of events. Birthdays for kids - including Micky Mouse Suits and so on... Anniversaries, Meeting Rooms, Promotional Concerts, Nikah, Bridal Showers & so on.

Promotional Concerts

Our unique decoration of your event can make the promotional concert you are hosting more spectacular. In the past we have been in charge of decorating Habesha Beer's promotional concert at Laphto Mall.